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2021 - Update June 14, 2021


Product Update Blog Post

  • Fixed issue with sending images when switching to an SMS template on conversation view
  • Don't send the couldn't generate code email if phone is missing
  • Split segmented door codes by length even if there are danglers
  • Handled case where listing site exists by name
  • Changed owner configuration on properties to have a single change funnel for all operations
  • Changed Vrbo review feed to only include guest entered reviews
  • Fixed Stripe account raw toggle on legacy mode accounts
  • Fixed issue with link target on hosted overlapping links directly above
  • Clarified first payment options for booking.com
  • Fixed issue where QuickBooks sync was attempting to sync earlier payments
  • Fixed Ribbon view quick create link on last day of month
  • Required Vrbo channel tester to run for future dates
  • Included account id on more channels in list
  • Removed default red menu on Mountain Lodging template
  • Added spacing in property type on WordPress plugin amenities widget so words don't run together
  • Fixed misspelling on Property Amenities page
  • Upgraded icon fonts to FontAwesome to 4.7
  • Don't allow BDOORCODETABLE don't work in SMS/Air templates
  • Render BDOORCODELIST as * bullets in SMS/Air templates
  • Updated quote add notification to new alert format and send for Airbnb reservation requests
  • Added merge fields for contact and social links
  • Added default theme setting for email, form, agreement footer and form header
  • When copying forward seasons with surcharges, move forward date booking criteria as well
  • Stored booking Booked date in UTC and normalize for channel values and display in user time zone
  • Combined Booking Info tab edit with move screen into one primary booking Change/Move form
  • Don't allow non-booking ones expenses to be set to prededuct from owner
  • Added name for iCalFeed
  • Verified and removed inquriryspot instructions for FloridaRentals
  • Added charge categories and snapshots to PM
  • Renamed Use Global on property Channel Rules tab
  • Don't allow change guest (associate to new guest) function on Airbnb API bookings
  • Don't send secdep/payment reminders right after a payment failure
  • Blocked Air channel triggers from non-Airbnb bookings
  • Updated Ascent logo and link
  • Started sending webhooks for OAuth app disconnection
  • Handled negative amount after Airbnb cancel
  • Track owner on Expense for property expenses so that the balance updates when owner changes

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