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Update Dec 2, 2019


  • Upgraded QuickBooks to use the newer Intuit connection methods
  • Moved Travel Insurance to RentalGuardian
  • Changed Travel Insurance rate to 7%
  • Changed RemoteLock connection to use better OwnerRez name
  • Fixed bug in PM reports where no data was being returned because of bad damage protection references
  • Added tax settings on Airbnb API and Channel Bridge pages to specify taxes on resolutions
  • Fixed photo delete where X button was too big
  • Added Delete All button on photos
  • Made photo delete fast
  • Fixed grace period for door lock integrations to handle multiple days of grace period
  • Fixed support doc for PM field codes
  • Allowed separate settings for rate adjustment on rent and surcharges on API Integrations and Channel Bridge
  • Moved Damage Protection to RentalGuardian
  • Added new Damage Protection coverage level of 5,000
  • For Airbnb API, added a warning call-out if BAVI (business/account verification) is required when selecting Super Strict
  • For Airbnb API, disallowed publishing if there is a pending photo push until that is complete
  • For Airbnb API, set min/max nights to the same as the property min/max nights (per night's still override)
  • For API integrations, trimmed white space on listing content descriptions

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