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Change Log

2020 - Update Jan 20, 2020


  • Updated rules to remove min guests and require maximum guests
  • Updated adults, children, pets rules to remove min and clarified amounts and not allowed
  • Updated min nights rule to be at least 1 on all types
  • Changed min holiday nights to nullable and >= min nights, and removed max holiday nights
  • Changed disallow gaps rules to be represented as arrival/departure disallowed rules so they send to API for Airbnb, Vrbo, booking.com
  • Added disallow gap rules display on rate calendar
  • Added filter for property/type on API sync actions tab
  • Broke out discounts specifically in line item pivot report
  • Handled case where VRBO channel bridge doesn't include commission refund on a payment refund
  • Added conversion for non jpg/png images to jpg on upload
  • Made error more friendly when batch updating locks with no mappings
  • Fixed season ordering on rates grid when related to deleted seasons
  • Added option to turn off mutual block on bookings as well as blocks
  • Fixed preview link on Booking > Emails
  • Enhanced new alert email templates to use CSS for strike-through so they're cross email client compatible
  • Speeded up PM batch update
  • Added export to Excel for PM Statements
  • Added export to Excel for Owner Statements