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Email Template Library - Arrival Day Email #2

Here is an example of our Arrival Instructions. We generally send these 2 days prior to guest arrival. We utilize bold, underline, images (pictures of the door locks are included in the email), and custom fields: PXCITY PXCOUNTY PXUNITNUMBER PXWIFINETWORK PX WIFIPASSWORD, Property fields for Directions and Instructions are also used. (We could have use the Internet property tag as well but we prefer to keep them in separate fields so we can send just the password to guests in a text message. The idea here is to try to have just ONE Arrival Instruction template that is customized for each property using the

This looks so much better in an actual email than what you see below.


Hi again {CFIRST},

This email contains important information you will need for your arrival at {PDISPNAME}.  You may wish to print a hard copy of this or save it for easy retrieval in your email.

Arriving:  {BARR}
Departing: {BDEP}, ({BNNGHTS} nights)
Check-In Time is {BCHECKINTIME}  and Check-Out time is promptly at {BCHECKOUTTIME}  At this time we do not have capability to grant early check-in or late check-out requests.
Using the Electronic Door Lock

On the door you will find a lock that looks similar to one of these:

Enter your personal code of: {BDOORCODE} 

Add your instructions here for how to use the door code/lock.

Your code will start working on {BARR}  after {BCHECKINTIME}.  If it continues to fail please give us a call at {MYPHONE}.
Here area some important items to highlight about your unit (may not apply to all):

1. The wifi password is {PXWIFIPASS}.   Look for SSID: {PXWIFINET} 

2. The thermostat to turn on the HVAC is located..... 

To increase the temperature..... and to lower.....   

(Please DO NOT place anything in front of the heating unit.   They can get VERY hot and can melt plastics and scorch/burn fabric.)

3. Linens/Pillows for the sofa sleepers (if present) are stowed in the coffee tables, drawers in the bed pedestal, or ottomans in the living area.  You will also find additional pillows and blankets in closets/dresser drawers.

4. TV operational instructions they are generally posted on or near the TV.  Some televisions require you to change to HDMI1 when they are turned on.  This is done by pressing the left top button (TV INPUT) multiple times on the remote until HDMI1 is highlighted.  Please do not reprogram remote controls and if you unplug cables please be sure to plug them back in where you disconnected them.  

5. The pet area has waste disposal bags.   Please pickup after your pets so we can keep the properties pet friendly.

Thank you for choosing {PDISPNAME} - enjoy your stay and if you need anything please do not hesitate to contact us.