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2020 - Update Feb 24, 2020


  • Updated tax settings to allow unique tax authority account/registration numbers per property
  • Updated tax settings to not show arrival or booked option if only one rate
  • Updated tax settings to validate all tax authority number fields if any of them are entered
  • Added "everything but" logic to listing site and property criteria on legal agreements
  • Added "everything but" logic to listing site and property criteria on auto-responders
  • Added "everything but" logic to property criteria on hosted websites
  • Added "everything but" logic to property criteria on widgets
  • Fixed filtering on lists to filter on applies, not mentions
  • Fixed issue with new PointCentral accounts
  • Fixed fix-up guest form to remove trailing statement about checks and custom methods
  • Fixed multi-month calendar to resize properly when scrolling months
  • Updated season minimum night rules to show through spot rates if spot rate minimum night rule is empty
  • Added guest email address to reviews export
  • Fixed Airbnb amenities to be case insensitive
  • Added lease field codes to support article about field codes
  • Updated create quote form to prefill with guest data if navigating from guest record
  • Update Google Fonts in hosted sites to not request fonts that are web safe by default
  • Update security deposits to have buttons for both release and collect
  • Updated lodging config rules to remove the default ones and set them on property only
  • Updated Booking.com API settings to remove the Use OwnerRez Taxes option
  • Fixed rate and availability push to use previous day to handle timezone issues
  • Updated Channel Bridge import to show reservation numbers in more cases
  • Updated Channel Bridge import to smartly merge booking with calendar import (iCal) feed
  • Fixed reset password for portal users
  • Updated VRBO inquiry email parsing to detect and not create inquiries for no-reply@ owner confirmations
  • Fixed booking change-time email alert to show correct check-out time
  • Updated reviews area to split guest versus host reviews to different tabs
  • Updated reviews area to show count indicator for host reviews that need to be written
  • Fixed email templates to show correct contact info from theme if email template has theme set
  • Fixed owner statement display to clarify "arrived on or before" instead of just before
  • Fixed payment guest form to not change non-US currencies when posting from one page to another

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