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Reviews - Reviews from Direct Bookings

Most listing channel sites allow guests to leave reviews of your property - but, what about guests who made a booking directly with you?  You can get reviews from them too!

In fact, reviews are so important that OwnerRez' collection of standard automatic emails includes one for "Send Review Form to Guest".  It can be found under Settings > System Messages.  This email asks the guest to write a review and provides them with a link to an online form where they can do that.

If you prefer to have a custom email template with your own message, you can create one similar to this example.  OwnerRez provides a field code that will automatically populate email templates with a URL link to a form letting guests write a review for their booking:


This is a custom URL unique to each booking.

You can usefully include other things in the review request email too, like a link to your Facebook page or other social media.

Note that reviews written using OwnerRez will not be pushed to any listing sites.  OwnerRez is able to import reviews from listing sites, but not send them the other way.

All reviews collected this way must be tied to a booking - but reviews can also be tied to cancelled booking.  This may be useful if your guest thought you were very fair in handling their cancellation.