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Messaging - Theming

OwnerRez is designed to make communication with your guests easier and more effective.  A large part of doing this successfully is branding.  The Settings > Theming area provides a way to establish a consistent brand image:

  • Customizable headers and footers for your emails, legal agreements, and forms.
  • Customize your name, business name, and email return address used for guest communications, if you don't want to use the main information in your account profile.

Or, you can also use this area to establish an inconsistent brand image, by creating separate Themes for different properties or groups of properties in your OwnerRez account.

We've created a walk-through video about creating and using themes.  Before reading the rest of this article, watch this first:

Theme Creation

By default, OwnerRez creates one theme and applies it to all your properties.  For most clients, this is what you want - your business should have one identity.

This theme is displayed on the Theming page, and you can work with it by clicking on it.

To create another theme, click the "Add" button.  This invites you to enter a new set of name and contact information for your new theme, and a new logo.  Save your changes, and now there will be two themes listed on the main Theming page for you to work with.

To choose which theme should be used for which property, click the "Property Mapping" button.  This gives a list of all your properties, and for each one, a dropdown list of your available themes.  Choose the right theme for each property and Save your changes.

Customizing a Theme

Once you have selected a Theme to work on, the top section will display the contact information used for that particular theme and presented to the guests - names, emails, logos, etc.  If you have only one Theme, you cannot modify these settings here; you must modify them in your Profile (the little arrow drop-menu in the upper right corner of the OR screen.)  If you have more than one Theme, you can modify these settings right here.

Below the contact settings are areas to customize Headers and Footers for each of Emails, Forms, Legal Agreements, and (if you have the Property Management premium feature turned on) Owner Statements.  Each of these works exactly the same way: it is the standard rich-text editor used throughout OwnerRez.

Once you have entered information in a Header or Footer block, it will automatically be placed at the top or bottom of that type of communication display, as appropriate.