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Travel Insurance - Common Issues & Questions

OwnerRez provides our owners the ability to offer their guests a Travel Insurance product which can compensate guests if their trip is interrupted or must be canceled for a variety of reasons. This is an insurance between the guest and the insurance company; the owner, and OwnerRez, are merely providing the guest the convenience of purchasing the product.  Read more about it in our Travel Insurance overview article.

This article provides a list of common questions and answers about Travel Insurance that are not covered elsewhere.

Is Travel Insurance only available in certain countries?

Travel Insurance can be used for any property worldwide. However, the traveler (the guest) must be a legal resident of certain countries.  Our insurance carrier will determine the correct Travel Insurance product to apply, based on the traveler's home country, but if their country is on a known blacklist or doesn't have an applicable product, then they will be denied. Note that OwnerRez has no way of verifying this, so it is possible for a traveler to request travel insurance they don't actually qualify for and have the carrier deny it at the time of sale. This is an issue between them and the insurance company.

Note that, while regular Travel Insurance can be purchased by citizens of most countries, CFAR insurance is only available to U.S. citizens.

How much does Travel Insurance cost our guests?

The cost of the travel insurance is a function of the cost of the booking, and can also vary depending on the location of the property being rented.  It is typically 7% of the Total Trip Cost (ie. booking, airplane tickets, etc) for standard Travel Insurance.

You can see if a guest has purchased travel insurance, and its cost, on the Insurance tab of their Booking.

What happens if the booking dates change after the travel insurance is purchased?

If the guest makes a booking and purchases travel insurance, and then changes the dates of the booking, the travel insurance should transfer to the new dates. However, OwnerRez does not have the ability to communicate the new date information to the insurance company. So, the guest needs to call the phone number in their policy and let them know, just to make sure. You may want to include a comment to this effect in your automatic responses to guests on date change, if you have these configured in Email Templates.

My guest doesn't want to pay with a credit card, how can they purchase the insurance?

The travel insurance product can only be purchased using a credit card.

If your guest is unable to provide a credit card, it is technically possible for you to accept payment for the insurance in some other form, like a check, and then to enter your own personal or business credit card information into the Booking to use to pay for the travel insurance.  This is not recommended.

Does the travel insurance cover cancellations due to coronavirus?

It depends.  Here is an FAQ on this subject provided by the insurance company.  And here is more information targeted to insurance resellers.

Why can't I buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance can only be purchased at the time of booking, or more than 30 days prior to arrival.

If a guest makes a booking where arrival is less than 30 days in the future, and doesn't buy the travel insurance as part of the booking payment process, they aren't able to buy it at all.  That also applies to channel bookings, where it is not possible for them to buy travel insurance as part of their booking payment process at all.

Why can't I buy CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) travel insurance?

CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason) insurance is subject to eligibility rules involving the residency of the purchaser and the timing of the purchase.  In other words, it depends on where you live and when you try to buy it in relative to when you first booked.

Who can purchase CFAR?

CFAR can only be purchased by US residents. CFAR is not available to residents of Washington and New York.

When can CFAR be purchased?

CFAR is only available:

  1. If purchased within 14 days of booking date, and
  2. If the CFAR purchase date is at least 30 days prior to the scheduled trip arrival date.

At all other times, the CFAR insurance option will not be available for purchase.

As an example, if the guest books their vacation 35 days prior to the arrival date, they only have 5 days to purchase CFAR.  No CFAR purchase is allowed less than 30 days from the arrival date.

If a guest has already purchased travel insurance, it may not be possible for them to purchase CFAR through OwnerRez, but they may still be able to purchase it directly from the insurance company by calling the support number on their policy.

I want to require my guests to purchase travel insurance.

Unfortunately, that is not currently supported under the terms of the insurance contract, and violates regulations in many jurisdictions.

How do I make a claim against the insurance policy?

When a travel insurance policy is purchased, a policy document will be automatically emailed to the guest's email address that they used to make the booking. This will include instructions and telephone numbers that the guest can use to file a claim against the policy.

If you are the property owner - the insurance isn't for you and doesn't cover you at all.  You can't make claims against it.  The purpose is for the guest to receive money to cover the cost of the payments that they already made to you, so hopefully they won't be so annoyed when you don't give them a refund.

Can the guest cancel the travel insurance and get a refund?

Travel insurance can be canceled for a full refund within 10 days of purchase, as long as no claim has been made against it. The guest needs to contact the insurance company directly to cancel the policy and receive the refund.

Can the guest buy travel insurance after they've made the booking?

Yes, a guest can purchase standard travel insurance up to the final payment, or 30 days before arrival, or on the calendar day that the booking was made, whichever is last.

The CFAR insurance can be purchased within 2 weeks of the booking being made, but more than 30 days before arrival.

If a guest has made a booking via any method, and has no travel insurance, you can go to the Insurance tab of the Booking.  If they are still within the window to purchase travel insurance of any kind, there is a button there you can use to send them an email offering it to them.  You can also create an email template and automatic trigger to send them a similar offer, using this field code for the link for them to purchase the insurance: {BUTRAV}

Can the guest add coverage for other expenses like plane tickets?


If the guest has already purchased the travel insurance, they need to telephone the insurance company at the phone number on the policy documents they received, add the desired additional amount of coverage, and pay the appropriate fee.

If the guest has already made a booking but has not purchased any travel insurance, send them the invitation link mentioned above.  This will offer them the insurance to cover the amount of their booking - but they can edit this amount to increase the coverage to whatever level is desired, and the fee will be adjusted accordingly.

My guest wants to buy travel insurance but is having problems, can I just do it for them?

Yes - as long as OwnerRez has a credit card on file for them.

Go into their Booking, to the Insurance tab.  If travel insurance is still available for them to purchase, there will be a "Purchase Insurance" button.  Click this, and follow the steps to purchase insurance for them on their behalf, which will be charged to their credit card.

Only take this action at the guests' specific direction, as documented via email from them.  To take this action on your own is a violation of state insurance regulations and is illegal.

Is there a length-of-stay limit?

Yes. Our Travel Insurance is available only for stays of less than 90 days.