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Change Log

2020 - Update September 21, 2020


  • Enhanced public website design
  • Don't show third party alert emails in guest conversation
  • Fixed entity dropdown being cut off in template preview modal
  • In guest conversation, open view original email/sms in new window
  • Fixed timezone on SMS trigger date display
  • Don't show old already sent Airbnb messages as queued
  • Gracefully handled Twilio number being available then taken
  • Added an option to the availability search widget to exclude available properties where rules would prevent booking
  • Generated correct channel message links in communication history
  • Showed paragraphs on owner listing story
  • Fixed error on hosted null background color on header line
  • Made old rate widget header visibility match data
  • Cleared off old template when switching trigger template type
  • Yanked old Tour links
  • Removed approximate map location setting for FloridaRentals because they don't support it
  • Added FloridaRentals listing links
  • Fixed edit on hosted menus with server side validation error
  • Added 11 pt font size to editors
  • Fixed end date calculation for recurring seasons so we calculate enough future rates on widget
  • Made tag grid columns less wide
  • Added warning about Airbnb tax multipliers
  • Bettered handling of Vrbo API permission errors
  • Fixed guest info display on quote renter agreement preview

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