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ProConnect is a premium service where we help you set up your new OwnerRez account and configure numerous features and settings. We do the majority of your OwnerRez setup work for you, but it is NOT an express service. ProConnect is normally completed in 3-6 weeks and requires your regular involvement to assure we have all the data required.


With ProConnect, we do a full end to end review of your account and work with you on all aspects including things like website, branding, email templates, renter agreements and API connections. The primary focus is to make sure your properties are set up completely and accurately in terms of content (descriptions, photos, amenities, etc), rates and rules, and then to make sure you are synced to channels correctly.

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What We Deliver

When you sign up for ProConnect you will be assigned a Customer Success Engineer who will assist you through the process. You will be involved in the process, and you'll need to provide things - both upfront and along the way - so that we can be successful in helping you get started.

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What’s the Process

When you sign up for our ProConnect service, a Customer Success Engineer will reach out to you via email to introduce themselves. They will provide you with a spreadsheet for you to complete which relates to your property(ies) and rules. Once you send that back, we’ll get started setting up your listing(s). After we get the initial information entered we’ll develop a list of follow-up questions for you. Upon receipt of your answers, we can offer time for a video chat to review your account and go over the next steps. The final segment is where we address technical details with the ultimate goal of getting your account integrated with the listing channels.

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How Long Will It Take?

ProConnect is not a fast process and normally takes 3-6 weeks. Similarly, this is not a service which remains available for months at a time. It is our goal to get your account up and running as quickly as possible. If you find you are not able to devote enough time, we can always get things started and then transfer your file to our Customer Service folks who can assist with any questions you may have.

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ProConnect starts at $500, which covers up to 2 properties, and then it's $150/property for the next 7 properties, and $100/property for 10 properties and up.

If you're interested, contact us at: help@ownerreservations.com

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