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We love OwnerRez - it changed our business for the better!

We love OwnerRez and highly recommend it. I almost don't want to tell our competition. They think of everything and they seem to really know the user. There are lots of helpful videos and explanations for everything. We love all of the automatic settings too.

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Easy and Intuitive

The experience has been excellent. I am very happy that I moved to OwnerRez. I find OwnerRez to be very intuitive for me to use. After a couple weeks, I really felt like I could navigate and accomplish everything necessary to run my business. Reasons for Switching to OwnerRez: I was very un happy with Guesty. Clunky and non-intuitive for me.

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An absolute must have!

Exceptional!!!!! Would recommend it to everyone!!! If you are considering learning and implementing this software do not hesitate even for a second. It was the best decision I made and never once regretted it. There are so many amazing features and benefits to this software. From having guests sign a lease that's automatically emailed to them to collecting payments automatically for VRBO to the direct booking website they build for you. The pros are endless. There is so much value here!!! Reasons for Choosing OwnerRez: The rental agreement!!!!

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Vacation Rental - Customer Service

We recommend OwnerRez to other vacation rental hosts who use multiple booking platforms. It can grow with us a vacation rental business. We currently do not accept direct payments or have our own website, but we can expand to those when we are ready. We can post and coordinate multiple channels. We can share several calendars with our cleaners and maintenance contractors in an easy calendar format.

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I love OwnerRez

Incredible. I highly recommend. It is so easy to use. Support team is so responsive and great to work with.

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