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ProTransfer takes the hassle out of switching from another PMS to OwnerRez. Our package includes up to 3 years of past data import, but if the data is available, we may be able to go back further, though additional charges may apply.


As a standalone service the data will be transferred from a PMS system and may include Property, Owners, Bookings, Charges, Payments and Refunds. The amount of data available to transfer will be dependent upon the individual PMS. This service will only involve the transfer of data. No other setup in the system will be performed (like what ProConnect does).


What We Deliver

Imports by Excel are the only thing we will do, not custom programming or something that involves work outside of using our Excel import spreadsheets.  We will manipulate data so that they can fit/work with our spreadsheets, but those Excel spreadsheets are the mechanism that it works by.  If custom programming is needed outside of ProTransfer, we do offer that via our ProCustom service.

How much data will be transferred?

The amount of data available to transfer will be dependent upon the individual PMS.

Once the transfer is complete, the client will be sent a request of acknowledgement that the agreed upon data has been successfully transferred.

How long will it take?

ProTransfer starts with exporting various reports from your current PMS system. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to run those reports and then we will take care of getting all of that data into OwnerRez. Since the data that comes out of each PMS can vary greatly, we won’t know how long the process will take until we see the reports. However, most ProTransfers should take 1-2 weeks to complete.


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If you're interested, contact us at: help@ownerreservations.com

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