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Unlimited bookings • No setup fees, booking fees, or contracts • 14 day free trial

Includes everything except the premium features below.  Use the Include buttons on the features below to include them in the price bar.
Included in Price!

Channel Management

Direct API integration with leading channels like Vrbo, Airbnb, booking.com, and TripAdvisor.

Included FREE!
Included in Price!

Digital Signatures

Completely customizable legal agreements with signed PDFs generated for each guest.

Included FREE!
Included in Price!

Property Management

Calculate commission, generate owner statements and record expenses.

Included in Price!

QuickBooks Integration

Sync booking and payment data with your QuickBooks account in real time.

Included in Price!


Build a professional website for your properties with your own domain name using our Hosted Websites.

Included in Price!

WordPress Plugin

Integrate your WordPress website using our officially supported plugin.

Included in Price!

SMS Messaging

Send SMS Messages from a unique phone number in your area code.

* usage fees apply after 500 outbound message segments (incoming are free)


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What all is included in the price?

Everything but the Premium Features are included - even things like triggers, digital signatures, auto-responders and many other power features.  If it's not a premium feature, then it's included!

Unlimited everything

All accounts include unlimited: bookings, emails, payments, widgets, etc. No commissions, no guest fees or per-booking fees.

Can you help me setup my account?

Yes, we offer our ProConnect service where we help you set up your OwnerRez account and configure numerous features and settings. We do the majority of your OwnerRez setup work for you, but it is NOT an express service. ProConnect is normally completed in 3-6 weeks and requires your regular involvement to assure we have all the data required. ProConnect starts at $500, which covers up to 2 properties, and then it's $150/property for the next 7 properties, and $100/property for 10 properties and up.

What are "Premium Features"?

The boxed items above are the premium features.  At the moment, they are: SMS Messaging, Property Management, QuickBooks Integration, Hosted Websites, WordPress Plugin, and Call Center.  Call Center is only available to a subset of users who have asked for beta access.  We call these "Premium Features" because most users do not need them for basic booking management.  They provide an additional level of functionality for power users.

Does the free 14 day trial include the premium features?

The 14 day trial covers whatever you do during those 14 days.  If you turn on premium features, you will not be billed for them during the trial.  However, after the trial ends, you will be billed for them as part of your normal monthly invoice if you continue to keep those features enabled.

How does this price break down?

We use a sliding scale (the more properties, the cheaper the fee is per property) that is explained in our Costs & Fees support article.  It also explains the breakdown for Premium Features as well.

Is there a contract or minimum term required?

Of course not!  It's 2023 for Pete's sake.  Only terrible dinosaur companies still do that, and we're not a terrible dinosaur company.

What if I have multiple users?

That doesn't change anything!  Our pricing is per account.  No matter how many individual users you have using the account, you will get only one monthly invoice.

Forms of payment?

We require each account to have a credit card on file which is billed monthly when invoices are generated.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex credit cards.  We don't accept paper checks or other forms of payment.  We plan to add ACH (eCheck) in the future as an option.