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Bookings & Quotes - Main Bookings Display

Every time you log in to OwnerRez, by default, the first screen you see is your Bookings display.  Once OwnerRez is fully set up, this is where you'll spend most of your time.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you click on the date box in the Ribbon/Month/Year view, you can type a date in the box or use the calendar. Other things you can do in the date box:
    • If you click the year on the calendar it will zoom out (in case you want to go a couple years over quickly)
    • If you click the Now button it will bring you to the current month
  • On all views, if you want to leave the calendar where it is and go look at a booking, the best way is to open a new tab or window in your browser.

    To do this, right-click on the booking and choose "Open link in new tab". Depending on your OS you can also Ctrl+Shift+Click, Shift+Middle mouse button click, Command+Shift+Click to open in new tab very quickly. That will let you work with the booking in its own tab and then later close the booking tab and the calendar tab will be right where you left it.

    At that point, you can either go to the next booking or refresh the tab to update it with new data but stay in the same spot.

The Ribbon View

By default, the Bookings screen looks something like this:


  • Your properties are listed down the left side.  If you have more than fit on one screen, you can scroll down and see the rest of them.
  • The days in the month are the numbers across the top.  There's also a calendar control in the middle that you can use to go forward and backward in time.
  • Each property has its own color, used for its bookings in its row.  These are automatically assigned, but you can change them in the Properties area under each property's General Info.
  • Days shown in blue are ones you have designated as Holidays, when holiday rates and rules should apply.
  • The grey booking bars aren't real bookings - they're blocks.  You can block off time using the "Block Off" button at the top of the screen.  Blocks do block calendar dates like real bookings do, but they don't have charges or transactions, aren't associated with a guest, and don't automatically send most emails like regular bookings.  Blocks can be used for when a property is unavailable for rent due to repairs, out of season, the owner is using it, or for any other reason.
  • It's not visible in the screenshot above (we blanked it out for privacy), but on your own Bookings screen, each booking will display the guest's name (or, as much of it as fits in its bar.)  If the booking and thus the bar are long enough, it'll also show a guest count.
  • Some booking bars will show a small vertical red bar at their beginning or end.  This indicates that a guest has been granted early check-in or late checkout.  When you mouse-over the booking bar, the unusual check-in/check-out times will be noted in a blue box:

If you click on a booking bar, you'll be taken to a screen with multiple tabs loaded with details about that Booking - the guest name and contact information, their charges, payments, insurance, rental agreement, notes, basically everything you can imagine.  Some of this information will pop up if you mouse-over a booking bar.

Filter Options

By default, the Ribbon display will include all your bookings.  You can filter them by a wide variety of options using the Filter button choices:

Any Bookings that are filtered out will still be visible, but will be greyed out, leaving the others their normal color.  This allows you to quickly highlight bookings from one particular channel, or several other variables.

You can also filter the properties by their name or other variables:

Any properties that are filtered out, will have their row removed from the display entirely.

View Options

By default, the Bookings display shows - well, bookings.  However, you can also view Quotes using the View options.

Remember that Quotes, unlike Bookings, do not block off the calendar.  They can overlap each other, bookings, or blocks.  Quotes that are obstructed by a Booking or a block cannot be actually booked - they are no longer Open.

If you select Open Quotes, the display will include Quotes that are still booking.  They will not overlap bookings or blocks, which would prevent them from being bookable.  They can still overlap each other though.

The Month-Calendar View

For some owners, particularly with only a few properties, the Ribbon View isn't most efficient.  Instead, they prefer the Month View, which you can switch to using the button in the upper right.

This also shows a whole month, but is formatted like a normal calendar, so there's only room for up to 5 properties on it.  Otherwise, it shows booking bars much like the Ribbon View.

If you have more properties than will fit, you can select which ones are displayed using the dropdown selector in the center top of the screen.

The Year-Calendar View

You can even view an entire year at once, using the Year-Calendar View.  There's only enough room for one property at a time, and no room for any details for any of the bookings, although you can see details of a booking by mousing-over a booking bar.

If you have multiple properties, you can select which one is displayed using the dropdown selector in the center top of the screen.

The List View

Sometimes it's helpful to view your bookings as a list, like you would in a spreadsheet.  That's what the List view does.

The List view is most useful when using filters, which work the same way as discussed in the Ribbon view.  You can use this to display all your current bookings that don't have security deposits, or which are not yet paid in full, or which are from one particular channel.

You can sort the list display by clicking on the header of a column.

The Current View

This is a display of all bookings that are occurring yesterday, today, or tomorrow, for each of your properties.