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Email Template Library - Offer Travel Insurance to Channel Guests

When guests book using an OwnerRez Hosted Website, or your own website using OwnerRez Widgets, they are taken through a checkout process that will offer them the option of adding travel insurance, if you have this activated in OwnerRez. You can check if this is enabled by going to Settings > Travel Insurance.

When guests are booking on a major listing site like Vrbo or Airbnb, of course, they aren't going to go through this process.  In order to offer them travel insurance, you have to set up an email template to go out after the fact, asking if they would like to purchase it.

For other examples of email Templates, check out the Email Template Library - Overview.

Sample Email Template

Create a Booking-type email template in OwnerRez with the below subject and body:


Travel Insurance for {PDISPNAME}



Thanks for booking {PDISPNAME}!

I have entered your {BSOURCE} booking into our system.

We would like to offer you travel insurance through our main booking system. If you are interested and would like to purchase insurance, click the following link:
Travel Insurance

Before you make any decisions, make sure to review your choices carefully. I encourage you to check out a variety of companies that offer Travel Insurance, many of which are available online. Some groups you may wish to consider are Allianz Global Assistance, Travelex, Travel Guard, Seven Corners, and Generali Global Assistance. There are also web sites like InsureMyTrip.com that offer comparisons of different coverage.

If you could take care of this ASAP, this will ensure you have travel insurance for your booking at {PDISPNAME}. Travel insurance may only be purchased for a limited time after the booking is made, so don't delay!

Talk to you soon and thanks for booking!


Create Trigger 

Now you need to create a trigger to send this email to the guest after you get a booking that needs it. You can do this under Settings > Triggers by creating an Event Based trigger.  Use these settings to schedule an email for 2-3 days after the booking is created. Select the Email Template you created in the previous step. Then make sure to designate it should only to go guests for whom insurance is still available. 

Make sure to also select the appropriate channels.  If you only want to send the email to the major channels, select "Only" and check the boxes for the appropriate OTAs.  If, however, you want to send the offer to all of your guests, no matter where they booked, leave the default for Listing Sites set to "All". (Note: To make sure all guests have a chance to purchase Travel Insurance, even those who booked directly but may not have initially purchased insurance, we recommend you leave "Listing Sites" set to "All".)


Channel Bridge

If you are using API connections, this email will be automatically sent when needed.

If you are using Channel Bridge, don't forget to check the "Send Create Triggers" checkbox: