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Data Management - Exporting data from OwnerRez

Getting data out of a system is often just as important as getting data into it. At OwnerRez, we pride ourselves on providing powerful export tools as well as easy imports. Maybe you want to send an email newsletter or even mail holiday cards to guests. Maybe you want to track conversions or pull everything into Excel and slice and dice for analytics. Whatever the case, we make it easy to export data through grid exports.

Most grids in OwnerRez, you'll be able to export to Excel (or CSV/TSV if you don't have Excel) via the Export button. To do an export, go to a grid, filter it how you want to show the data you want to export, and then click the Export button. All of the data matching the filter will be exported, even if the grid only shows one page of it.

For example, to export all Bookings, go to the bookings section. Switch to list mode. Clear the filters. Click export:

You can also export inquiries or quotes the same way:

Reports are all exportable too:

If there is any data you want, but can't find a way to get at, let us know and we'll look into getting an export built for it.