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Messaging - Email Templates

Email Templates and Triggers are a powerful part of OwnerRez that automates messaging, based on events or scheduled times, while giving you the ability to maintain a personalized look and feel.

We've created a walk-through video about Email Templates and Triggers.  Before reading the rest of our article, watch this first:

There are two types of email templates, the built-in ones and the custom ones. Built-in ones, the defaults found in the System Messages area, are automatically emailed by the system on events like booking created, payment created, etc. Custom templates can be created by you, and triggered based on criteria like number of days before booking or manually sent.

For System Messages (the built-in ones), go to Settings > Messaging > System Messages. There you can Enable/Disable and Change the default message. If you decide to "Change Message", the modified message you have written will now appear in your list of Templates.

Custom Templates are basically emails you write to share information with your guests or send notifications to property owners, cleaners or other support staff. You can compose those email Templates by going to Settings > Messaging > Templates. They can include lots of Custom Fields to make them specific to each property and each booking/guest. Here's an example of how to write a Template giving directions and access information. And here's a list of suggested Templates.

Once you've written your Custom Template, you can use the Trigger feature to determine when it will be sent. You can configure the Trigger to send the Template a certain number of days before/after arrival, or when a specific event occurs. For more info on how to use Triggers, please watch:

Sending to Multiple Email Addresses

Generally, the "To" field of an email template will use a field code containing an email address, such as {CEMAIL}. Both field codes, and the "To" field itself, can handle lists of email addresses separated by commas and semicolons.  For instance, the {CEMAIL} field code will contain all of a guest's email addresses that are recorded for them in OwnerRez.

So, if you want your property manager to be CC'd on certain messages, you can put something like this in the "To" field: {CEMAIL}, pm@me.com

Note that email templates do not support BCC, so all recipients of your emails will be able to see the email address of all other recipients of the same email.