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2021 - Update December 13, 2021


  • New Contact Us page with new ticket form
  • Webhooks for OAuth Apps
  • Prefer first payment override on Booking.com if there's only one payment
  • Fixed regression on $0 statements ignoring paid by guest direct to owner amount
  • Prefer active properties when merging by token
  • Fixed Booking.com virtual cards with no expiration date are attempted
  • Make editor buttons work on blog editor
  • Hid widget URL generation option if hosted sites is disabled
  • Reduce flat tax calcs to amount of available tax
  • Remove notes and move tabs from bookings
  • Removed the word "dollar" from charges callout
  • For Vrbo tax date effectiveness, use previous tax applicability if it hasn't changed
  • On statement view that can't be deleted, still show the delete button but disabled
  • Set default commission when adding charge
  • Properly trigger update when changing air guest vs adult counting rule
  • Make tags button work on newly uploaded image
  • Delete Booking 'canceling instead' link broken
  • Change SMS Pricing to include 500 segments and be 1.5¢ (0.015) per extra
  • Add 29.4% commission
  • Improve the SMS Segment Calculator
  • Handled case where Airbnb room accessibility is removed
  • Fixed "cancel booking" notification defaults
  • Fixed rate calendar showing half day blocks around 'today' for booking window rules that are misleading
  • Fixed charge import incorrectly creates booking charges with property commission
  • Improve "cancel booking" form
  • Tested and released new WordPress plugin version with carousel video support
  • Implement Air enhanced availability response
  • Display errors that occur on pending form
  • Default to canceled by guest
  • Allow HTML in notes again
  • Fixed crash on bulk attribute to Vrbo
  • Fixed crash on API listing since query
  • Always show booking move button even if channel linked
  • Added new Damage Protection "Enhanced" products
  • Added a way to see and clean formatting for SMS message bodies
  • Stopped evaluating triggers against bookings more than 30 days in the past
  • Set Air taxable categories based on surcharges to be pushed
  • Convert inquiry area pages to new mobile-friendly design
  • Add other field types to the Excel import for Custom Fields and make them drop-down values in template
  • Discounts and Surcharges show Percentage of Rent as an option in the help text even though that's not available
  • UX improvements when adding/editing SMS Numbers
  • Normalize validation on guest form phone numbers
  • Update the reviews import to use the same 2-step property mapping logic that Channel Bridge import does
  • Custom field import/export improvements
  • Include booking number and dates for duplicate booking notifications
  • Added suppressed email address feature with self-service reactivation
  • Create Stripe host fees for keeping secdep
  • Update Statement Views to have more settings as it relates to the bottom area and other parts.
  • Fixed double click issue on identifier mapping save
  • Reviews import - allow skipping an unknown property

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