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AirBNB request for contact info (real email address) and signed renter agreement

When bookings come in from AirBNB (for instance, through our Calendar Import), the guest's email address is set as the proxy email address that AirBNB provides.  The guest's real email address (gmail, yahoo, personal, etc) is not shown or available.

This is very frustrating for owners/PMs because you need to know your guest's real email address so that you can contact them directly and not have AirBNB strip out content or shut off the communication channel later.  The only way to get the guest's real email address is to ask for it directly.

Create an email template in OwnerRez with the below subject and body, and then send this email to the guest after you get AirBNB bookings. You can do this automatically by creating a trigger on booking created for just the AirBNB listing site. Make sure to also set AirBNB as the listing site on the Calendar Import.


Subject: Contact info and renter agreement for {PNAME}



I have entered your AirBNB booking into our main booking system. Thanks again for booking {PNAME}!

I was wondering - could I have a real email address for you? The current email address I have for you looks like this:


That's what AirBNB provides to us, but it's difficult to send you the information we need to send using that (parts get stripped out). If you could give me a real email address (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) I would greatly appreciate it.

I already have your phone number of {BGPHONEPRIME}, so that's great!

Also, could you take a second to click on the following link. This will open a renter agreement that we ask all guests to sign before coming out to {PNAME}. Since it's a mountainous area, we like to make sure guests know the rules - some extra liability warnings that AirBNB doesn't cover in their general agreement.


This needs to be done as soon as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Guest Support