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API Integrations - Property Field Differences

Our Channel Management feature is extremely powerful and can greatly simplify your channel advertising. Learn how it works by reading our Channel Management Overview article.  The most powerful part of our Channel Management is the API Integrations we have with certain channel partners.

However, each API Integrated channel has different sets of fields they support with lots of overlap between them. Even if they support the same field, there are differences in what the field means or how you are limited in using it.

One of the most common areas of confusion is with the property descriptions.  Every API Integrated channel has different descriptions (Headline, Summary, Short Description) that they show and different limits on the size.  Some require them to be used, others don't require them, and still others might ignore them entirely.

The table below shows the description fields in OwnerRez alongside the channels' version of the same field and what each supports.

bold = field is required
Min = minimum length of text required, if the field is used
Max = maximum length of text allowed

Airbnb TripAdvisor Hosted Websites
Field Name Field Name Min Max Field Name Min Max Field Name Min Max   Min Max
Name Property Name --- 30 Internal Name* --- 20       Name 1 ---
Headline Headline 20 80 Listing Title 1 50 Listing Title 1 80 Headline --- ---
Description Description 400 10,000       Description 300 5,000 Description --- ---
Short Description       Listing Description / Summary 1 500 Search Page Description 300 5,000 Short Description --- ---
Year Purchased Year Purchased 4 4                  
Owner Listing Story About You --- 2,000 Not synced via API - make changes in Airbnb under the Account Profile page            
Why Purchased Why This Property? --- 2,000                  
Unique Benefits Unique Benefits --- 2,000                  
Interaction With Guests       Guest Interaction --- 10,000 Interaction with Guests --- 750      
Guest Access       Guest Access --- 10,000            
Accommodations Summary Accommodations Summary --- 80                  
Accommodations Detail       The Space --- 10,000

Accommodations Summary

300 5,000      
Features Description       Other Things to Note --- 10,000 Features Description 300 5,000      
Location Description Location Description --- 2,000 Neighborhood Overview --- 10,000 Describe the Area 300 5,000      
Getting There       Transit --- 10,000 

Getting There

--- 5,000      
Getting Around             Getting Around --- 65,535      
Other Activities Location Additional Information --- 2,000                  
Rate Notes                        
Unit Description                        
Directions       Directions --- 10,000            
Check-In Instructions       Check-In Instructions --- 10,000            
House Manual       House Manual --- 10,000            
Bedroom Details Bedroom Details --- 1,000                  
Bathroom Details Bathroom Details --- 1,000                  
Internet Info       Not synced via API - make changes in Airbnb            

* Airbnb will use the OwnerRez property private code for the internal name if it is set, otherwise the first 20 characters of the OwnerRez property name.