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Freezing Your Account

Some owners only rent their properties for part of the year, during tourist season.  Then the property sits un-rented for half the year until high season comes around again.

OwnerRez is designed for guests to be able to make bookings into the future.  So even during slow season, usually there will be guests who are planning ahead and still want to book.

However, for those owners who really do shut their whole business down in slow season, including not responding to inquiries, we offer an Account Freeze.  When your account is frozen, it's just as if it doesn't exist - widgets won't work, your hosted website will be off the air, no calendars will sync, no emails will send, etc.  But your data will be preserved, and when you contact us to un-freeze your account, everything will start back up again just the way it was when you froze it.

Because this is not an appropriate solution for most owners, we do not provide a way for you to freeze your own account.  However, if you are interested in this option, contact us to discuss your needs.

There is a one-time Freeze Account charge of one month's OwnerRez fees.  Then there will be no further charges for as long as your account stays frozen.