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API Integrations - Airbnb Transaction Sync

This support article is under construction 👷

Please pardon the incompleteness while we work on this. We have made the article visible in the meantime because the content may be useful.

Airbnb Channel Transaction Sync is now available (as an opt-in and completely optional) for those users who are API-integrated. Once enabled, Airbnb Transaction Sync replaces the need for Channel Bridge for Airbnb transactions (e.g., payments, refunds) for future bookings! You will need to run Channel Bridge (as needed) in preparation for enabling this feature. Once you enable it, it can't be turned off, and you can no longer import Channel Bridge files for updating Airbnb booking/transaction information.

Users should note that even after the Airbnb Transaction Sync is enabled, Airbnb continues to be the payment processor and controls all Airbnb transactions.

Users will find this new functionality to be an invaluable tool for up-to-date Airbnb financial record keeping. In short, booking transactions are now auto-created after the booking comes in. When Airbnb notifies OwnerRez when funds will be released, a Deposit record will also be created under Tools > Deposits.

Enabling the Airbnb Transaction Sync is completely optional. If users prefer to bring in Airbnb transactions via the Channel Bridge that's fine. Additionally, users may choose to not enable Airbnb Transactions or run the Channel Bridge either and that's fine too.

While any Airbnb Resolution Requests take place on the Airbnb Resolution Center platform only, enabling the Airbnb Transaction Sync may prove beneficial as any updated payments/refunds transactions will sync to OwnerRez as they occur.

Preparing to Enable Airbnb Transaction Sync

NOTE: Prior to enabling the Airbnb Transaction Sync, OwnerRez users should run Channel Bridge to import all booking transaction info up to the Transaction Sync turn-on date you select during turn-on/opt-in. You won't be able to import Channel Bridge files after you turn this on. (see more info below)

OwnerRez Channel Bridge

Enable Airbnb Transaction Sync

Users should have all Airbnb surcharges set and up to date in OwnerRez prior to enabling the Airbnb Transaction Sync because it will not be possible to re-map unknown charges from Airbnb with any new surcharges created in OwnerRez. This is primarily a concern for new accounts, but can also matter if you've added a surcharge in Airbnb, and not in OwnerRez.

Users can initiate the sync of Airbnb transactions for all new, and future bookings by navigating to Settings > API Integrations.

API Integrations

Select Airbnb.

Airbnb API Integration

Click on Enable Transaction Sync.

Aibnb Transaction Sync

  • The Transaction Sync modal that appears has an important message for users. The Channel Bridge process must be completed and all files imported up to the date selected in the Date to Start Syncing in Transactions date picker. If you have not yet completed the Channel Bridge process, select No, I'm not ready yet.

Airbnb Transaction Sync Modal

  • If you have already completed the Channel Bridge process, select the Date to Start Syncing in Transactions from the date picker and click on Yes, enable Transaction Sync now.

Enable Airbnb Transaction Sync

If successful, users will see a small green popup in the upper right of the screen.

Transaction Sync Enabled

Users can see the Transaction Sync date now enabled in their Airbnb Channel settings.

Airbnb Transaction Sync Enabled

NOTE: you can't go back and change the date or turn off transaction sync. The Enable button is no longer available.


After a booking is confirmed and is in OwnerRez, transaction sync will occur within a day or so of the new booking's creation in OwnerRez. The total owed should also update to reflect that $0 is owed by the guest based on the payment(s) they will make to Airbnb.

More info and screenshots coming soon...


Deposits (Tools > Deposits) will be auto-created when Airbnb releases funds to your bank account, usually 24 hours after the guest has checked in. Projected deposit dates can be seen by hovering over the info icon on the transaction.

More info and screenshots coming soon...


Where did my Airbnb Host Fee go?

The host fee is no longer created when the booking is created. It is instead created and displayed in the individual Transactions during the sync process. The same fee is now called "Airbnb Reservation host fee"

Airbnb Reservation host fee

My Airbnb Resolution Center payments no longer show up in my booking charges. Where did they go?

The Airbnb Transaction Sync is syncing any Airbnb Resolution Center resolution payments to the specific Booking > Transactions screen.

Booking Transactions