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Email Template Library - Reminder to Myself

Reminder to Myself

One of the great things about Templates and Triggers is you can also use them to remind yourself (or your housekeeping folks or others in your group) of things you need to take care of.  In this case, to stay on top of guests who haven't signed your Renter Agreement you might want to send yourself this reminder a few days after the Agreement was emailed so you can follow-up.  It's got the basic information about the reservation along with the link you can copy and paste into an email if you need to write the guest a message.  (For other examples of email Templates, check out the Email Template Library - Overview.)

Sample Email Template

Create an email template in OwnerRez with the below subject and body:


Guest Still Has Not Signed RA for {PNAME}


Check on {CFULL} who is due to arrive {BARR}.  They still haven't signed Rental Agreement. They booked 3 days ago.

They booked with {BSOURCE}

Booking in OwnerRez: Link to Booking

Create Trigger 

Now you need to create a trigger to send this email to yourself a certain number of days after booking. (If you're also using the Template to send guests a second notice about signing the Rental Agreement, make sure this reminder to yourself isn't triggered until after the guest's second notice has been sent.)