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Rates - Seasonal Rates

Seasonal Rates let you establish default rates for nights and weekend nights for the seasonal date ranges you have set up throughout the year.

This article describes the new rates mode used in accounts as of April 2020. If you're on the old Legacy Rates mode, that's described in the Legacy Rates article.

Seasonal Rate editor

First, if you haven't yet set up seasons, go to Settings > Seasons and define the date ranges you want to provide rates for.

The following video will walk you through using the seasonal rates editor, so take a look at this video first for a step-by-step guide if you get confused:

Once you've got the seasons configured, go to Settings > Rates and go to the Seasonal Rates tab. This will bring up the seasonal rate editor. This editor works very similarly to the Spot Rates editor:

You'll see the seasons down the left and the properties across the top. The property cell will show either the private code you have configured for the property or the initials of the property (if no code is configured).

Each cell will show the Night rate, or Night/Weekend Night if you have both configured for a season/property.

To update rates, tap or click and drag to select some. Then use the Set Rates or Clear Rates button to make updates.

Selection Modes:

  • Toggle: select or deselect one day at a time by clicking or tapping it
  • Drag: drag to select a range of days

In Drag mode you can Ctrl+Click to add additional selection areas.

Batch Copy

You may have multiple similar properties that you want to all have the same rates.  There is a Batch Copy button that allows you to take the rates configured for one property, and copy them wholesale to another property (or a bunch of other properties).

This tool allows you to select property to copy from, the targeted property or properties to copy to, and the type of rates you wish to copy - seasonal, spot, or both.

Overlapping Seasons

The seasonal rates system allows overlapping seasons. When evaluating rates, the system will prefer specific dates seasons over recurring seasons, and shorter seasons of the same type over longer seasons. If the seasons are the same length, it will prefer seasons with seasonal rates over seasons with no seasonal rates.

For example, you might have a Winter season from 1 December to 31 January, and also a Christmas season from 20 December to 30 December. A booking from 18 December to 22 December would get a couple of days from Winter season and a couple of days from Christmas season.

For Min Nights rules, the system finds all possible seasons for the booking dates and selects the one with the highest min nights. It can't exclude ones without seasonal rates, as many folks use Seasons for rules only, and then simply program all their rates as spot rates on the calendar without using any seasonal rates at all.

One thing to watch out for is empty overlapping seasons. If you have two overlapping seasons, one with rates and one without, then that can get confusing. This can often happen when you previously had seasonal rates and then decide to remove them. Just clearing out the seasonal rates on the editor won't remove the property from that season, because you may still want it for the rules. Instead, go to the season itself and uncheck the properties it no longer applies to - that will remove the property association *AND* the seasonal rates.