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2019 - Update Dec 30, 2019


  • Fixed hosted sites to generate certificates for non-www sites
  • Fixed auto-responders to use the correct theme
  • Fixed widget calendars to remove spurious starting gaps
  • Fixed Damage Protection to correctly apply to Airbnb API bookings
  • Updated Airbnb listing import to pick up more bedroom, bathroom and amenity items
  • Fixed rate min/max values to update correctly on listings
  • Fixed Airbnb import to go by amenities list instead of wildcard matching
  • Fixed Airbnb import to include all associated amenities when "Essentials" is shown
  • Updated lead time calculation for Airbnb to use friendly times
  • Renamed "IB message" to "Pre-booking message" to clarify what its used for
  • Overhauled Taxes to include effective dates to rate (ie. amount) and channel and end-date criteria, removing season criteria
  • Updated Airbnb API and Channel Bridge to remove taxes out of all line items and include the pre-tax total in the rent description
  • Updated Vrbo Request-To-Book cancellation process to follow channel rules and set cancelled-by to owner on automatic cancellations
  • Updated QuickBooks logo and field names to latest Intuit standards
  • Updated Rate Tester to include discount code field
  • Updated Travel Insurance to allow any traveler and property no matter the country, similar to Damage Protection
  • Fixed the QuickBooks disconnect link to work correctly
  • Updated Channel Bridge to set the precise listing site (eg. Vrbo vs. VRBO) when it detects a difference from the channel parent
  • Fixed booking URL redirect for portal users
  • Fixed hosted websites to show bedrooms even if there are no bathrooms
  • Updated PM owner statement generation to include new Pro-rate option for Included Booking range
  • Added claims information and RentalGuardian online claims link to Damage Protection tab on bookings
  • Added "don't mutual block" option to Bulk Block-Off tool if mutual blocking exists for any properties

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