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Hosted Websites Rates Display

By default, your Hosted Website will automatically display a summary of your general rates for each property.

It's not possible to display your detailed rates, because OwnerRez allows a very complex hierarchy of rate controls that people would find confusing.  Don't worry, when guests request a quote for specific dates, the correct rates will be calculated and displayed to them based on all your Seasons, Rules, and Spot Rates.

However, guests like a general guideline for how costly your properties are, and OwnerRez attempts to give that to them based on the rates you've entered.  Being a computer, this general guidance may not always be exactly what you want.

For example, OwnerRez displays a price range for your property, consisting of your lowest and highest range.  Depending on your market, though, this range might be enormous, between the depth of low season and your highest peak holiday rate.  Guests might find this confusing.

You can override OwnerRez' guess at your rate range, by going into Properties > select a property > General Info and manually setting the Nightly Rate Min and Max.

These will be displayed on your Hosted Website.

If you decide you don't want general rates displayed on your website at all, there are CSS Magic instructions for how to make that change.