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Reporting Common Issues & Questions

This support article is under construction 👷

Please pardon the incompleteness while we work on this. We have made the article visible in the meantime because the content may be useful.

OwnerRez reports are extremely powerful and complex, and not all situations are immediately obvious as to how they are best handled.

Is there a report that will give me the ADR  ("Average Daily Rent") for a month period?

Our Booking Summary report has a selector for the value to show.  ADR and ADG are options in that selector.  The Booking Detail and Line Item Pivot reports include this selector as well.

ADR means Average Daily Rent
ADG means Average Daily Gross

They are essentially the same, except "gross" looks at the total collected per night (including cleaning, taxes, etc) and the other just gives you pure rent.

How can I see how many times / on what bookings my Discount Codes were used?

There isn't a report that does this specifically, but the Line Item Pivot Table report includes a column for any Discount Codes that may have been used in the direct bookings it's reporting on.  You can export this report to Excel, filter or sort by discount code, and sum up totals.

Is there a report showing the values for custom fields on my Bookings?

There isn't a report that does this specifically, but there's an option for that in the Stays By Date Range report:

This will display all custom fields on all Bookings (including cancelled) that have not been deleted.

How can I see what door lock codes were assigned to Bookings?

Go to Reports > Stays By Date Range. That report will include any door code values you have set in the Custom Fields column, including the ones from manual door lock setup.

How can I see how much I had to pay in a given surcharge for bookings that were cancelled and refunded?

Run the Line Item Pivot report - make sure to select the option to include canceled bookings.

Then you can look at the Status column to find the canceled bookings, and the column for that surcharge to total the amount.  It may be easiest to Export the report to Excel and manipulate it there.

I'm using a Detail report, and it's showing the same type of charges in multiple columns when they should be in just one column.

When a Detail report is generated, the system sorts charges into columns based on the charge descriptions.  Charges with identical descriptions will appear in the same column; charges with different descriptions will appear in different columns.  If you are seeing multiple columns that are actually the same type of charge, that's because the descriptions of your charges are inconsistent.  This is most likely caused by mistakes in the settings of your Surcharges, or occasionally with certain channels.  You can identify the specific bookings with mismatched charge descriptions and fix them in their Charges tab, to make your report sort properly.