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Bookings & Quotes - Changing the charges for a quote

Quotes are automatically created with charges populated by the rates engine, based on the seasons, rates, surcharges, and taxes you have entered.

Those are only the default charges, though at any point you can change the charges to override the amount. Maybe you want to add an extra cleaning fee, or subtract a last-minute discount. I'll take you through those scenarios here.

First, here's our starting quote, with Rent and Taxes. To change the quote, click the Change Charges button at the bottom.

Adding an extra cleaning fee

First, click Change Charges to go into change mode. We want to add a line item above the Tax line item (so it is taxed), but below the Rent line item. To do this, click the plus button next to Other Tax to add a line item above the Tax line item.

Change the Type to Surcharge, and enter a Description of "Extra Cleaning Fee". Enter a Rate of 75.

When you're done editing the charges, click the Save Changes button to save them to the quote.

The charges have been saved, the total updated, and you can send the guest the quote via the Email tab.

Adding a last minute discount

We'll start from the quote we created above. Click Change Charges to go into change mode. This time, we want to add a line item below the Rent line item (so the discount applies to Rent) but above the Extra Cleaning Fee (because we're only discounting Rent, not the cleaning fee). Click the add line item button next to the Extra Cleaning Fee to add a line item above it.

Leave the Type as Rent, since we're only discounting rent. Enter a Description of "Last Minute Discount", and a Rate of -10%.

Save the quote, and you're ready to send it out.

Resetting charges

If at any point, you want to undo your custom changes and go back to the standard rates, you can click Change Charges and click the Reset to Property Rates link in the bottom right-hand corner. This will recalculate the rates based on the standard rates you have configured in the rate engine.