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Change Log

2020 - Update April 27, 2020


  • Called out video in support articles
  • Added support area searching for blog vs. forum vs. support article
  • Updated standard Travel Insurance to use calendar day check instead of 24 hours
  • Added new CFAR Travel Insurance rule where it is not allowed within 30 days of arrival
  • Added weekly/monthly rate display calculation based on LOS discounts for property info area and rate table widgets
  • Switched to using Air prep time rule for 1-2 night require gaps
  • Fixed triggers to not send block type triggers on blocks created by mutual blocking
  • Fixed Vrbo API pending booking in manual payment mode to allow processing payments
  • Added listing site to quotes
  • Added rate batch copy
  • Added "no address" warning on travel insurance settings page
  • Added status column on line item pivot report
  • When bookings connected to updateable locks are canceled, cancel associated codes on the locks
  • When updating dates on bookings for KABA connected locks, cap start date at yesterday
  • Added support for Parakeet door locks
  • Added support for boutique-homes.com inquiry parsing
  • Dropped support for IE 11
  • Added booking.com channel option to switch to manual payment mode on cancellation

New/updated support articles