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Widgets - Adding Widgets to WiX

For an overview on OwnerRez Widgets, widget setup, etc. look at the Setting up widgets for inquiries, bookings and availability.

Note: this guide is oriented around setup of widgets for a couple of properties. If you've got many properties and want a parameterized setup that is possible but a bit more complex. Contact us and we'll walk you through that process.

These steps assume you've already created a page where you want to embed OwnerRez widgets. If you have the WiX hotels app installed, you may want to remove that by deleting the Rates & Availability page.

  1. Go to the page where you want the OwnerRez widget. Make sure it is in Desktop mode by clicking the Desktop button in the titlebar:
  2. Click the + Add button and select Embed > Custom Embeds and use the Embed a Widget option:
  3. The HTML Code block will appear. Click on the Enter Code button and the settings dialog will appear:
  4. Copy the widget code from the OwnerRez widget and paste it into the Content box.
  5. Click Update to save the widget.
  6. Resize the box so there is plenty of room, particularly vertical room to display validation errors and quotes.The WiX editor traps the OwnerRez widget so we can't auto-resize, so whatever space you give will be the max space available to the widget.
  7. Save your page and publish the site:
  8. That handles the desktop layout. You also need to do a separate mobile layout because Wix is absolutely positioned. Go back to Wix and click the Switch to Mobile button in the titlebar:
  9. Grab the resize bars for the widget and give it enough space. Again, we can't auto-resize on the widget because of how Wix lays out their templates, so make sure to give it plenty of space.

What's this "filesusr.com" domain I'm seeing in my Custom Sources?

"filesusr.com" is a Wix domain. Anytime you insert html code on your Wix site, they host just that html code from yourdomain-com.filesusr.com. You are seeing it because you have widgets embedded on your Wix site, and we recently released an update to automatically create new Custom Sources from incoming widget traffic based on the domain from which it comes.  You can read more about that here.

If you're finding the "filesusr.com" label annoying, the quickest solution for you is to simply assign a name to the newly created custom source here.  The name has to be unique, but you can make it something like "DirectBNB 2" so it's clear it's still your Wix site.