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Rate Testing Overview

Once you configure your seasons, rates, surcharges, discounts, and taxes, the next step is to test them and make sure they're configured correctly and working as expected. We make every effort to provide clear and simple configuration areas, but only you know your expected rate structure and whether things are looking correct or not.

We recommend testing the first time once you have all of your rates and rules configured, and then testing again after making any major changes.

We've got a bunch of testing tools to help you review your rates:

  • Tools > Direct Rate Tester: The Direct Rate Tester lets you run quotes and see what the result would be.

    Note: it only generates charges based on direct booking rules.  Therefore, it is not a good way to test channel configurations.
  • Tools > Channel Rate Tester: The Channel Rate Tester allows you to run quotes using channel API logic and compare them against the OwnerRez quotes.

    This is very useful for making sure your channel configurations are as you expect and the API for a given channel supports the criteria you've applied to your fees and discounts.
  • Tools > LOS Checker: The LOS checker will run your rates combined with Length Of Stay discounts so you can see what the resulting week and month rates will be.
  • Tools > Rate Checker: The Rate Checker examines the nightly rate for several years and shows you the results at a glance.
  • Tools > Listing Quality Analyzer: The Listing Quality Analyzer performs a variety of different checks on your property listing information to prepare you to connect to APIs.  One of the things it does is to look for missing rates.  Check out our video about how Listing Quality Analyzer works.

For channels, there's no substitute for going to the public page for your listing and doing some different quotes as a guest. You can look at the rates and surcharges we push to the channel from the OwnerRez side, but that won't give you the whole picture. Each channel has its own logic for generating rates, so we highly recommend testing out each configuration in the wild.