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Change Log

2021 - Update February 2, 2021


  • Added PM owner effective date range settings
  • Upgraded current PM mappings based on booking owners to create owner effective date ranges
  • Changed PM statement period logic to use PM owner effective date ranges vs. manually entered date ranges
  • Changed PM statement logic for future payments to exclude after the generation date vs. the statement date
  • Added Owner, Owner Statement, and Contact field code sections to help doc: https://www.ownerreservations.com/support/articles/field-codes 
  • Added Tags to Owner
  • Added Notes to Owner
  • Added Notes to Guest
  • Enhanced search to search guest and owners and their notes
  • Added custom fields for Owner
  • Added custom fields for Contact/Guest
  • Moved owner level field codes out of Owner Statement type into their own Owner type code -- OSOWNERNAME becomes ONAME etc.
  • Moved guest level field codes out of Booking, Quote, Inquiry etc. into their own Contact type code -- BGFIRST becomes CFIRST etc.
  • Split the Owner edit record page into tabbed sections
  • Added capability to disable owners
  • Removed PM report links from the PM sidebar (they remain in the overall Reports section)
  • Blocked selection of unavailable dates in inquiry/booking widget
  • Block navigation to dates before the first of the current month in inquiry/booking widget