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Guests - Creating new guest records

Managing guests is an important part of your vacation rental business workflow.  Read our Guests Overview article for a high level overview on what "guests" are and how they relate to the rest of the system.

The following instructions will cover most of the ways guests can be created in OwnerRez.

Creating guests as you work on bookings, inquiries and quote

Most of the time, there is no need to create a standalone guest record (ie. via the global Guests area) before using it elsewhere in the system.

Typically, the guest will be automatically created while you work on inquiries, quotes and bookings.  For instance, at the time you manually create a quote, you will be prompted to enter guest information right on the quote form.  The same is true when creating new inquiries or bookings.  You'll see a field where you can enter the guest's name, email or phone.

Notice that, as you type, this field will actively search in the background and show you everyone that matches the name, phone or email that you enter.  This instant search is highly optimized for speed but may take a second to return results, so give it a moment if nothing happens.

Many times, an existing guest will pop up matching what you entered because you've talked to this person before or they've booked in the past.  If that's the case simply select their name from the list.

You can select the matching guest by clicking on it with your mouse, or you can use the down/up arrow keys on the keyboard to set focus to it and then click the enter key.

If you don't recognize the matches and need to create a new guest, you can quickly do that by selecting the bottom "+ Add as a new guest" option at the bottom of the results list.  Even if there are no matches returned, you will still see the bottom "+ Add..." option in the results list.

After you select the matching guest or the "+ Add..." option, the form will immediately show you some additional fields.  These fields allow you to quickly add or update information about the guest without having to go somewhere else and come back.

If you have selected a matching guest and are updating the email, phone or address, the new information you enter will be added onto the guest's existing information and will not replace it.  We do this on purpose so that you can enter a new email or phone without worrying about replacing what is there.  If you do want to remove old information, you can do that from the global Guests area by finding the guest and editing their contact information.

Adding the guest from scratch looks very similar.  You will see the same fields to enter the guest's name, email, phones and address.  You do not need to navigate elsewhere and come back.  The form you are on will do that for you after you fill in the fields provided.

After filling in the guest info, continue down the inquiry, quote or booking form and finish the rest of the form.

Once you click the Save button, the guest record will be created (or updated if it already existed) and saved along with the new inquiry, quote or booking.

You can verify that the new guest record was created by going into the global Guests area and searching for the guest using the filters provided.  If it's a new guest, it will be at the top of the list by default because the list defaults to a "most recently created" sort order.

Quickly create a guest from any page (via the Tools menu)

No matter where you are in OwnerRez, you can create a guest without navigating anywhere else.  Yep, that's right!  Even in the middle of editing a calendar or reading a report, you can create a new guest without navigate elsewhere or even changing the page you're looking at.

Let's suppose that you're busy working on something in OwnerRez, and you get a phone call from a potential guest.  You want to record this guest's name and phone number quickly but you don't want to click away from where you're at.  You can do that!

Under the top Tools menu, click "Find or Create Guest".

You'll see a dialog window open on top of the page you were working on.  The page will not redirect or change.  If you were filling out a form, the form will remain the same.

Enter the name of the new guest you want to create.  As you type, the app will attempt to find matches, and you can type a name, email or phone, or all of the above.

Click the bottom "Add..." option in the results list, and the dialog window will expand to show a bunch of fields where you can enter the new guest's name, email, phone and address.  Again, this will all occur in place without redirecting the page underneath.

Every field is optional.  If you only know part of the name, just enter the part you know.  If you only know a cell phone but nothing else, just enter the phone.

When finished, click "Create Guest & Close" and, as promised, the dialog window will quickly and silently save the guest record in the background and then close so that you can continue working on the page you were on.

You can verify that the new guest record was created by going into the global Guests area and searching for the guest using the filters provided.  If it's a new guest, it will be at the top of the list by default because the list defaults to a "most recently created" sort order.

Create a guest in the global Guests area

If the above options - which should be used most of the time - don't give you what you want, you can always create guests via the global Guests area.  To do that, click on the top Guests menu and then click the "Add Guest" button above the guests list.

This will open a standard full-page form where you can fill in the new guest's name, email, phone and address.

Click the Save button and that's it!  The new guest is created.