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Other Integrations - Touch Stay

Touch Stay digital guest welcome books help holiday and short-term rental hosts and managers put a smile on their guests’ faces. Because happy guests leave great reviews. And happy guests remember, refer, and book again.

Place everything your guests will ever need to know before and during their stay just a click away in your Touch Stay app. Finally lose that rather tatty and unloved paper binder from your home!

Completely customized to your brand, including your snazzy colors and slick logo. Share insider tips and supply practical information with easy and intuitive navigation.

Our software aims to make guests’ stays more relaxed and more informed. Using Touch Stay, lodging owners can create beautiful digital welcome books that provide guests everything they need to know about the property and surrounding area.

OwnerRez Integration

Touch Stay integrates with OwnerRez to import your properties and then automate the sending of invitations for confirmed bookings.

Step 1. Request Activation

Contact Touch Stay support and ask for the OwnerRez integration to be activated for your account. If you don’t have a Touch Stay account already, then sign up for one here.

Step 2. Authorise Connection

Next, you need to authorise your Touch Stay account with OwnerRez. From within your Touch Stay account Dashboard, go to the Integrations tab and click “Get Started” underneath the OwnerRez logo.

This will take you to the OwnerRez authorisation screen where you confirm giving access to Touch Stay.

Step 3. Match Properties

Once authorised, you can match any existing Touch Stay properties to those in OwnerRez. Use the drop downs to select the correct OwnerRez property for each Touch Stay property. When complete, click “Match selected”. If you don’t have any to match, then just click “Skip” instead.

Step 4. Import Properties

If you have any unmatched properties from OwnerRez then the next screen allows you to import those into Touch Stay. Simply check the ones you want to import and click the “Import rentals from OwnerRez” button. If you don’t want to import any, then just click “Done”.

Touch Stay will import the following:

  • Property Name
  • Property Address
  • Main photo

Step 5. Check Your Content

Matching or importing rentals won’t automatically sync bookings from OwnerRez, so now is the time to check the content of your welcome books and make sure they’re in tip-top shape and ready to share with your guests.

If you’re new to Touch Stay then checkout out the Getting Started page for hints and tips on the easiest way to build out your welcome book content.

Step 6. Set up Invitations

The bookings from OwnerRez will follow your standard invitation and reminder scheduling and email message templates. Be sure to have these completed on all of your properties before proceeding to the final step of syncing up reservations.

This Knowledge Base article explains how to set up your schedule.

The message templates save when sending, if you don’t have them in place already then simply create a test email invitation to yourself with the message(s) you want to use. Check your email and when you’re happy with the messages, you’re ready for the final step!

Step 7. Sync and Forget!

Once your welcome books are ready and invitations in place then you can start syncing with OwnerRez. At the bottom of each property Overview tab is a toggle to “Sync Invitations”.

From this point onwards, any confirmed bookings in OwnerRez will generate email invitations based on the reservation details and your Touch Stay scheduling. Note that this only applies to bookings confirmed after you start syncing, Touch Stay won’t automatically send invitations for any existing bookings.