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Pending Bookings

If a guest checks out without making an immediate payment (via credit card or PayPal), the booking will be created in a pending status. This means that the time is blocked, but there is a deadline when the payment must be received.

If you don't receive the payment and mark the booking as paid within that time, it'll be automatically cancelled. During the pending period, we'll send occasional reminder emails to the guest to nudge them and make sure they don't forget to send payment. There is a default template for the pending reminder emails, which you can customize yourself through the "Send Pending Cancellation Reminder To Guest" email template under "For booking emails..."

The auto cancellation time is set in the rules section for each property, under Pending & Offline Payments:

You can override these values for a specific quote in the Billing section of the quote.

Bookings will be set pending for two general reasons:

Check or Custom Instructions payments

If you've got a Check payment method or Custom Instructions payment method and the guest uses that to check out, the booking will be flagged as pending until you receive the payment. Checks payment methods are self explanatory. Custom Instructions payment methods allow you to enter a block of text describing how to pay you -- for example bank transfer or wire transfer instructions.

These payment methods will only be available based on the days in future settings in the rules section for each property:

By default, the arrival date must be 15 days in the future for them to show up during checkout. If it's less than the days in future setting, they won't show up and any remaining payment methods (credit card/PayPal) will show instead. If you don't have a credit card or PayPal payment method and it's less than the days in future setting for your other payment methods, the guest won't be able to check out and instead will receive a message directing them to contact you to pay.

Once you get the check in the mail, wire transfer, etc, go to the Payments tab and choose "Collect New Payment" under "Collected Payments". Set "What To Collect" based on what type of payment it was, fill in the rest of the info, and click "Collect Payment":

That will record the payment in the system and clear the pending flag on the booking.

If you want to change the pending deadline date or turn off pending without receiving a payment, you can use the Change Pending Status link in the booking's pending bar on the booking:

"Confirmation required but credit card will be verified" rule

Confirmation required but credit card verified is a similar beast, but for credit card payments instead. When you turn this on (rather than "confirmation not required"), we'll allow the guest to check out with a credit card, but we won't charge the card at checkout. Instead we'll verify that the card is correct and create a pending booking in the system.

This setting is available in the rules section of each property:

PayPal WARNING: Confirmation required by credit card will be verified only works with normal merchant accounts. It DOES NOT work with PayPal -- if you turn it on and only have a PayPal account, guests won't be able to check out online and will instead be directed to email you for checkout instructions.

Once you've validate the guest and confirmed that the time is available in all calendars, use the Confirm & Take Payment Now link in the booking's pending bar to actually charge the card: