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Combined properties with mutual blockoff/lockoff

If you have adjacent properties, it's nice to offer the option to rent the combination together. You can put the combination property as an additional listing and hit higher occupancy numbers on listing sites to attract larger groups where there is typically less competition. In OwnerRez, you'd create an additional property for the combination, which allows you to set different rules and rates for that property.

Once you've got that set up, how do you keep the calendars straight? You can do it with calendar imports in OwnerRez to block off properties when the other properties are booked. This example will use 3 properties, Cabin A, Cabin B, and Cabin AB (the combination property). You'd add two calendar imports into Cabin AB -- one for Cabin A and one for Cabin B, and then add an import from Cabin AB to both Cabin A and Cabin B.

In other words:

Export from Cabin A, import to Cabin AB
Export from Cabin B, import to Cabin AB
Export from Cabin AB, import to Cabin A
Export from Cabin AB, import to Cabin B

For each import, use the following options:

  • Import Events: Bookings only
  • Import Bookings As: Blocked-Off Time
  • Overlapping Periods: Extend/Overwrite

This combination of options will keep loops from happening, so blocks are only created for bookings and not subsequently for other blocks. If you do have a block to do, you'll need to block each property because blocks won't be transferred to other properties by the sync.

For each sync, go to the Calendar Export section of the property you want to export from and copy the default iCal link:

Then go to the Calendar Import section of property you want to import into and paste the iCal link from the export and set the options as specified above: