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API Integrations - Booking.com Common Issues & Questions

How do I select which credit cards I accept via the Booking.com API?

Booking.com can display several different option selection screens to different users.  You may see any of these, which give you the ability to select which credit cards you accept.

Whatever selections you make, be sure that the credit card payment processor you've configured in OwnerRez is configured to accept those credit card types!

  • Under the Policies tab of the property, in the "Other Policies" section:

  • Under Guest Payment Options:

Why are my guests seeing so many "Invalid Card" errors?

This is most likely caused because, by default, when Booking.com is passing the guest credit card information to OwnerRez for processing, it does not include the CVV - the three-digit code on the back of the card. Most credit card processors do not allow online transactions to proceed without the CVV, so all charges will be rejected as invalid.

To resolve this problem, you need to contact Booking.com support and make sure that their system is set to require and transmit the CVV. You need to specifically check that this setting is correct for all your properties - we've seen examples where it was correct for one property, and incorrect for another.  It is not possible for you to check these settings yourself - they're internal to the Booking.com system, and are only visible to their support team.

I'm supposed to get guest credit card info but it's not coming through.

If your account is newish (you don't have dozens of booking.com bookings under your belt), you're probably hitting a new policy where they don't send credit card info until just before arrival. Booking.com recently started this new security routine that affects newer accounts and they haven't given out too many details about it.

There are two ways to fix this:

a) Our recommendation is to switch to booking.com payments where they process the money. It's nice to get the card info so secdeps etc. can be scheduled, but if booking.com isn't sending it, it's a lot easier to let them do the processing for the time being. Do that for awhile until they have vetted the account and will send over the card info. Then switch back.


a) Go to the booking.com channel settings in OwnerRez and set it to not require a credit card. That way it won't send the notice. Then later, when they do send the card info, run the card.

I want to discontinue my listing on Booking.com, but I don't want to abandon the bookings I've already received.

Call Booking.com support, and ask them to turn off the property from being bookable, but not to disable the listing entirely.  They are able to do this, and you won't get any more bookings, but you'll still be able to fulfill the bookings you have already received.  Some users have found a setting in the Booking.com UI allowing them to do this themselves.

Do not make any changes to your property or API connection in OwnerRez.

Once your last Booking.com booking has come and gone, then you can cancel your Booking.com listing entirely and disconnect the API connection for that property, or disable the entire API connection if you don't have any active listings still.

There's another way to accomplish the same thing and maybe make some money too - change the settings in your OwnerRez Booking.com API to increase your rates by 300%.  Most likely nobody will pay those super-high rates - but if someone does, hey, what's not to like!

Why did Booking.com automatically refund my guest when they cancelled their booking?

If Booking.com has configured their system to send your guests' credit card information to OwnerRez, so you can do your own payment processing, they also automatically trigger refunds according to their own refund policies.

We're working on an option where you can set it to take the payment automatically but not refund automatically.

In the meantime, you can convert an existing Bookings to manual mode by going to the Channel tab of the Booking and converting to Manual Payments.  This will prevent refunds from being issued automatically.

If you want to do this going forward, you can also go to the settings of the Booking.com API connection and switch that to manual as well.  Doing this will mean you'll have to run the first payment manually, so this is not recommended.

How do I get historical data for my past Booking.com bookings into OwnerRez?

Unfortunately, the Booking.com API connection does not bring in any historical data for past bookings.