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Change Log

2020 - Update November 9, 2020


  • Fixed TA inquiry import to handle new format including comments
  • Added QTTAX, QTRENT, QTRENTONLY merge field info to docs and insert field modal
  • Added option for Airbnb API to show exact listing location
  • Added per property approximate location option
  • Fixed listing quality analyzer to not show spurious property maximum and excluded fee warnings in complex cases that were actually OK
  • Added Excel Expense Import
  • Added Expense creation API
  • Added booking form key to availability API to support link backs
  • Fixed availability API sinceUtc parameter to factor in guest contact info changes in addition to booking changes
  • Renamed Parakeet references to Brivo
  • Removed exclusion on Airbnb keyword fees from rate push calculation if they're per night
  • Increased house manual max size to 20k characters
  • Reworked Airbnb/Vrbo listing import to be simpler and more reliable
  • Added editable form message options for all guest forms
  • Allowed editing Info tab on canceled bookings
  • Updated Vrbo API onboarding link to include prefilled parameters
  • Upgraded Stripe payment method process to use Stripe Connect
  • Updated channel bridge to access using new Vrbo GraphQL ids
  • Fixed Airbnb channel bridge "show advanced" link to be reusable
  • Fixed communication protocol on PayPal Pro gateway
  • Upgraded billing to support long term damage protection

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