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Change Log

2020 - Update October 19, 2020


  • Allowed saving seasons with no allowed arrival/departure days
  • Added warning if trying to schedule email in the past
  • Added more fields for the Houfy API
  • Fixed issue with template grid showing out of date trigger list
  • Applied hosted site link color to widgets used on hosted
  • Fixed support article/blog search to include newly published posts
  • When channel bridge merges a block to a booking, apply the correct property owner
  • Added canceled full refund mode to Airbnb API
  • Added adults/children columns to the tax detail report
  • Recalculated week/month discount percent when displaying on rate table
  • Added tag groups
  • Added tag group searching for availability search and hosted websites
  • Added trigger criteria for tags
  • Added title, description, color for tags
  • Enhanced tag filtering and searching to search by guest and property tags if available
  • Added editing support for cards on file so contact info, expiration etc can be fixed without requesting a brand new card
  • Split lock grace period into two settings, one for arrival grace and one for departure
  • Added fractional hour support for lock grace period where supported by lock type
  • Updated site and app icons, added app splash screens for iOS devices
  • Added expense description, attachment, owner name, etc. columns for custom owner statement views

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