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Rates - Last Minute Discounts

Last minute discounts are very effective at filling unbooked nights and upping your overall occupancy percentage for the year. There are two ways to do this in OwnerRez -- rules based discount that apply automatically based on days away from arrival and spot rates that override any other seasonal rates and set specific rates for specific dates.

Rules based discounts

To create a rules based discount, start in the Settings > Surcharges & Discounts section and create a separate discount for each range/percent you want to target. Set the percentage, then use the Add Booking Criteria button in the Booking Fields area to add an Arrival Days From Now criteria to the discount.

For example, if you want to apply a 20% discount if it's under 2 weeks from arrival and a 10% discount if it's under 4 weeks from arrival, you'd do the 2 week discount like this:

And then a 4 week discount like this:

Notice the 4 week discount has 2 criteria -- one for the 28 days but then also a greater than criteria to keep it from overlapping with the 2 week discount. Make sure your criteria don't overlap (unless you want to do that on purpose) because overlapping criteria can cause multiple discounts to be applied.

You can also target additional criteria like property and listing site -- but again, make sure to test and keep things from overlapping.

These nightly discounts will be applied for direct quotes and bookings, and also included in nightly rates that are calculated for channel integrations like channel bridge rate push as well as API integrated channels like Vrbo, TripAdvisor, Booking.com etc.

Spot rates

If you want to target specific dates and discount them, go to Settings > Spot Rates. Choose the properties, dates, and amount and set those rates. Spot rates will override any seasonal rates you have configured for the dates you choose.

Note that discounts will still be applied to spot rates, so if you're running a last minute rules based discount like the one above, be careful not to discount too low on spot rates.

Spot rates will also be applied for direct quotes and bookings, pushed through channel integrations.