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Adding OwnerRez widgets to Weebly

For an overview on OwnerRez Widgets, widget setup, etc. look at the Setting up widgets for inquiries, bookings and availability.

Note: this guide is oriented around setup of widgets for a couple of properties. If you've got many properties and want a parameterized setup that is possible but a bit more complex. Contact us and we'll walk you through that process.

These steps assume you've already created a page where you want to embed OwnerRez widgets.

  1. Go to the page where you want the OwnerRez widget
  2. Drag the Embed Code element onto your page:
  3. Hover over the Embed Code element and click to set custom HTML:
  4. Copy the widget code from the OwnerRez widget and paste it in to the Content box:
  5. Publish the site: