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Change Log

2020 - Update May 18, 2020


  • Handled new VRBO review format for channel bridge import
  • Include non-contact user field values such as account name and logo in renter agreement example
  • Fixed tax summary report to include properties with bookings with no taxes in the results
  • Fixed issue with URL fragment in property URL
  • Fixed issue where search widget was not rendering with property culture/currency
  • Fixed triggers to ignore arrival side on adjacent booking criteria if arrival has passed
  • Fixed issue keeping seasons from being saved with old rule values from legacy rates
  • If channel bridge import run before iCal, honor damage protection setting on associated iCal
  • Fixed listing quality analyzer crash with no rates or air channel but no properties
  • Analyze longer rates range on LQA even if min/max rules are set
  • Import 24 months on Airbnb spot rate import instead of 12
  • Fixed issue where include notes didn't work on stays by date range unless include custom fields was also used
  • On email history report, strip text from entity id when searching
  • On email history report, fixed issue with filtering by unknown only so it works
  • On email history report, make TO a typeahead of guest names/emails
  • Added status column on guest activity
  • Added property sort order setting
  • Added option to filter on errors in API sync lists
  • Always show DNS check button for hosted websites
  • Added Ethernet amenity for Airbnb
  • Clarified registration number max length only applies to VRBO, not Airbnb
  • Cleaned up Airbnb API tax setting description and article