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MasterMind · Tech

MasterMind · Tech IAQ Cigarette Smoke Control will allow you to gather the evidence to prove guests have smoked during a stay, and will differentiate you from the rest in such a competitive sector as Vacation Rentals by being able to obtain Air Quality reports of the different properties on a monthly, weekly, daily and real-time basis, which will provide interesting marketing opportunities. View their brochure here.

Steps for integration:

1. Log into MasterMind · Tech.

2. Once logged in, click the menu button in the upper left and select Configuration.

3. On the next page, click New Integrations, select OwnerRez, and then click Add Integration.

4. An authorization window will appear, and you must select Authorize MasterMind · Tech.

5. Next, you must import your properties into MasterMind · Tech by clicking the House icon and then selecting Add Sublevel.

6. The system will import all the user's properties in OwnerRez. Select the ones you want to create and click the "ADD SUBLEVEL" button.

7. Install IAQ devices and assign them to previously created properties inside Mastermind· Tech IAQ management platform. Connect the device to the power supply via its power cable. Then select the "IAQ SUITE" network using your Smartphone or PC. 

The system will open a portal. You must copy the indicated serial number and then click on "Configure WiFi". Then select your WiFi network, enter your password in the corresponding fields and push the "Save" button.

The system will try to connect to the WiFi network and then inform of the connection result. If the connection is successful, the "IAQ SUITE" WiFi network will disappear and the device will start measuring IAQ parameters.

8. Within the Platform, navigate to the property imported in the previous step and select "ADD AN IAQ DEVICE IN THIS SUBLEVEL".

9. Give a name to the device, paste the serial number, and activate notifications. Click on "SEARCH IAQ DEVICE IN THE SYSTEM". The system will perform security checks, and then if everything is correct, it will enable the "ASSIGN THE IAQ DEVICE TO THIS SPACE" button, which you will click on.

10. Finally, we can see the device is assigned to the chosen space. MasterMind Tech will push monthly air quality reports per property and smoke detection alerts per property and booking as tags into OwnerRez. 

It is critical that the device's notifications are enabled, so that the device can send the smoke detection alerts (tags) mentioned above.

What Data is Transmitted:

  • Booking sync using Webhook to push back a tag to a booking if smoke is detected during the stay.
  • All properties in OwnerRez when generating spaces in MasterMind Platform.
  • Generation of property & booking tags to be shown in OwnerRez when smoke is detected in a property.
  • On the 28th day of each month, a property tag is generated to display the monthly indoor air quality reports for each existing property.