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Since OwnerRez is designed to manage bookings for vacation rentals, you obviously need to own or manage at least one vacation rental property.

If you already have an exclusive contract with a management company who handles all of your inquiries and bookings, then OwnerRez may not be for you.  However, even in that situation, we encourage you to consider switching to managing your own inquiries and bookings, since our products makes that job much easier and puts all the control in your own hands instead of someone else's.

Technically speaking, the only items that are required to use OwnerRez are:

  • An Internet connection, to access OwnerRez and other websites
  • An email address - even a free one like Gmail will do, but you should be able to check it daily
  • A computer or device capable of accessing the Internet with a standard web browser
  • A credit card, to pay for your OwnerRez subscription.  But you don't need that right away - we offer a free trial.

There is no "desktop" software to install on your local PC or Mac.  Any web browser will do, even on a smartphone.

If you plan on accepting credit card payments (or security deposits), you'll also need to have an active merchant account set up with one of our supported processors.  But this isn't required - OwnerRez allows for payment by check, cash, and PayPal.