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Hosted Websites - Creating a Video Page

Every rental listing needs photos showing your property.  It's now becoming more common for people to also have videos and other multimedia - an aerial drone view, a tour, even a 3D walkthrough.

OwnerRez doesn't currently have a way to directly integrate multimedia in a property listing, because the major listing channels currently do not support that in their API connection.  You can still add these features to your Hosted Website though.  Here's how:

1. Go to Hosted Sites in Settings and click on the row for your website.  This brings you to its main control screen.

2. Click on the "Create Page" button, and select the "Custom" option:

3. In the resulting page, enter a suitable Title, such as "Videos" or "Tours".

4. Scroll down to the content editor at the bottom.  Find and click the "Edit HTML" button:

This opens a screen where you can directly edit the code of the new page.

5. In a different browser tab, go to where your multimedia file is hosted, such as YouTube or Matterport.  These systems generally have a button or menu item to generate embedding code.  Or, you can enter it yourself - here's how to do that for YouTube, and, for Matterport.

6. Update, and Save your changes.  Your new page should now appear on your website menu, and on it will be your multimedia.  You can add multiple videos to the same page.

I'm trying to embed my HomeAway/Vrbo video tour, and it isn't working!

That's right - Vrbo doesn't let you do that.  :-(  Instead, you just need to use an ordinary link to it on their site.