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The Basics - About OwnerRez

OwnerRez is a property, inquiry and booking management service for the managers and owners of vacation rentals.  It grew out of our own frustration with having to manually handle reservations, do scheduling, accept and record payments... all the paperwork administrivia that computers are good at and people aren't.

So, we created OwnerRez to do all that work for us!  And once we got it running to our satisfaction, we figured it would be helpful for you too.

Whether you have one vacation rental property or hundreds, OwnerRez is designed to make your life easier, your work quicker, and your guests happier.  OwnerRez...

  • Keeps a record of all your high-level records like inquiries, quotes and bookings for easy searching, filtering and sorting
  • Collects inquiries across all listing sites so that you can respond and generate quotes from one place (instead of logging into each listing site separately)
  • Tracks which inquiries and bookings came from which listing sites (or even your own website) so that you can easily see where your traffic is coming from
  • Collects payments easily so that guests can pay by credit card quickly and securely online
  • Schedules future payments and security deposit easily based on the card info the guest entered, and then processes those future payments and security deposits without you lifting a finger
  • Tracks all payments due and sends out reminder emails, so you don't have to personally check every day
  • Allows guests to confirm bookings online on their schedule, not yours
  • Collects an electronically-signed renter agreement from the guest and converts it to PDF
  • Provides automation for auto-responding to inquiries based on rules
  • Includes widgets for your website and contact forms
  • Connects to most major listing sites to automatically synchronize calendars.  No more double-bookings!
  • Can automatically update pricing, descriptions, and other property information so you only have to change that in one place.
  • Integrates with other useful rental property management services, such as PriceLabs.

And the reporting is top-notch.  Our reporting beats the competitor's hands down.  You can compare this year and last year's data in seconds.  After all, there's no point in building an awesome software system if you can't use it to view your progress or make better business and marketing decisions.