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Guests - Guests Overview

The "guest" is central to almost everything you do when managing your properties and bookings.  If you think of yourself as a business, the guest is your customer.

In simple terms, the guest is the real human being that books your property.  Even if there is a group of 6 or 8 people that book your property together, there is one POC (point of contact) that often represents the guest.

Every inquiry you receive, every quote you create, every booking that comes in - the guest is at the heart of everything.

In OwnerRez, a single guest can be associated with many inquiries, quotes and bookings.  This should be obvious since the same single person can inquire about more than one of your properties, just like the same single person can book your property over and over again.  However, a single inquiry, quote or booking cannot be associated with more than one guest record.

OwnerRez allows you to manage guest records throughout the system, both inline while working on bookings and quotes or standalone in the Contacts page.

We've made it simple to quickly find guest records, add new guests, search for guests based on Tags, or search and export guest info (Excel, CSV, etc) for use in other systems.  You can also run guest reports for things like Repeat Guests and merge duplicate guest records.