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Listing Site Integration - Listing Content Import

If you've already got a listing on VRBO/HomeAway or Airbnb, we can import the photos, descriptions, and amenities into OwnerRez to give you a head start on building out the listing content. This is a one-time import.

A video covering this process can be found here.

💡 Note:

If your properties are listed on both Airbnb and VRBO, import the information from VRBO. We are able to get more of it from there.

Here's how to import your listing data:

  1. Go to the Properties tab and click Import from Airbnb or Import from HomeAway/VRBO. If you have both, we recommend HomeAway as they provide just a bit more info for the import.
  2. Go to the public page for your listing on VRBO or Airbnb and copy that URL, and paste it in to the Url box in the import tool. For Airbnb:
    For HomeAway/VRBO:

  3. If you already have created the property in OwnerRez, make sure to pick the "Update existing property" option and select the existing property to update -- otherwise the import will create a duplicate property.
  4. Hit the import button and the system will churn for awhile downloading all of the content and photos and eventually complete the import and link you to the updated listing content areas for the property.

NOTE: This is a one-time import and will only import the photos, descriptions, and amenities. It doesn't import calendars or rates.

To import calendars, follow our Calendar Import guide.