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My Account - Closing Your Account

While we don't want any of our users to leave, we understand that sometimes it's just not a good fit.  Or maybe you won the lottery and it's time to retire!  Either way, when it's time, it's time.

You can close your account at any time.  We don't impose contracts or early termination fees on our users.

How to close

To close your OwnerRez account, go to your account billing page which you can find from the top-right account menu.

Then look at the top of the screenr and you'll see a Close Account button.  Click that to open a confirmation page.

After the Close Account page loads, you need to read and decide whether you still want to close.  If so, click the "I still want to close" link.

Please take a few seconds to tell us why you are leaving.  We greatly appreciate feedback from our users.  Even if there's no chance you'll ever return, please give us a few words on what we can do better in the future.

Click the Close Now button and that's it - your account will be immediately closed.  You will not be able to log back in or access any OwnerRez bookings, guests or other data after this.

Invoice period and using the time you've paid for

It's important to understand that as soon as you close your account, you cannot gain access to OwnerRez, or any of your records, from that point forward.  You will immediately be logged out of the system and your account.

Depending on your most recent invoice, you may be closing your account when you still have many days left in the current invoice period. We do not give refunds for partial invoice periods or for accounts that were closed early in an invoice period.  If you wish to use your invoice period, you need to set a reminder to close your account at the end of the invoice period before your billing day of the month comes back around.  You can see your current invoice and billing day of the month on your Account > Billing page.

Set a personal reminder to come back to OwnerRez the day before your next billing day and close the account.

Again, we will not issue a refund for any unused time in an invoice period when an account is closed. This is stated in our refund policy and terms of service which every user agrees to when joining.

Reactivating a closed account

We are often asked if an account can be reopened after closing. The short answer is no. The long answer is yes with some manual work on our part.

When an OwnerRez account is closed, many things are turned off including:

  • Channel API connections
  • Calendar import/exports
  • Scheduled credit card payments
  • Messaging automation (eg. triggers)
  • Hosted websites, SSL certificates
  • Widget integration

We have to make sure that all of these things, and other background processes, are no longer running, so a number of things are checked and flagged when an account is closed.  The closing process is invasive on an account and therefore difficult to reverse.

Because of this, you should expect that you will not be able to reactivate an account that has been closed.  Do not expect to come back in a few months or year and continue where you left off.  That is typically not possible and you will have to start over with a new account.

There are situations where we will allow an old account to be reactivated, but it involves manual work by our engineering team, so we charge a significant fee to cover that work.  If you are planning on closing an account and reactivating it later, you should contact us first to determine what that will cost down the road when you come back.  For smaller users, it is never financially worthwhile to close and reactivate an account - you would be better off leaving the account open and active.

Pausing accounts for seasonal use

Some of our users operate seasonally, meaning their off-season is truly empty.  Because of this, they will ask if they can pause their account or close it during the season to save the monthly OwnerRez fee.

Practically speaking, pausing an account is the same as closing it.  In order to really pause it - such that API connections, calendars, websites, etc. all stop - the account has to undergo the same work as listed in the bullet list above.

Because of that, we do not pause or freeze accounts.  We will close them of course, but then you will not be able to reactivate the account later (without paying a significant fee - see previous section).

In truth, you should not pause your OwnerRez account for seasonal use anyway. We've found that this is a bad business model. Vacation rental businesses are fluid across the year. Even if you only book 3 or 4 months of the year, your website and other marketing materials need time online to build good Page Rank, SEO value and social media following, which is the case even during the off-season. If you turn off your website, widgets and marketing except during on-season, customers are not exposed to your brand except for those brief months and then you disappear from the internet again. It's better to price your season high ahead of time and drive in business before the season arrives.  Then as the season arrives, adjust your business accordingly. Give your customers a reason to follow you and the ability to find you year-round and your on-season will be better for it.