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Integration for eRentalLock door locks

OwnerRez can automatically generate codes for your eRentalLock door locks. Each time a booking is created, OwnerRez will automatically set the door lock code without you lifting a finger! If the booking moves properties or changes dates, a new code is generated so that the guest always has the correct code. If you want to use eRentalLock door locks, all the details are below.

Setting Up the Integration

To get started, go to Settings > Door Locks then click on the eRentalLock option. Fill in the username and password for your eRentalLock account. It's the same username and password you use to access the eRentalLock control panel.

We provide an option to restrict codes to the specific check-in/check-out times of the booking. By default, we have this option turned off and we recommend caution before turning it on. If selected, this will create codes that limit the guest to the exact times of their booking based on the check-in/out times on their booking or property. While this may seem good at first, keep in mind that it means the guest will not be able to get in if the time on the lock is slightly different then the eRentalLock server. For instance, you could have Daylight Savings Time not configured on one side or the other. Another example is where the guest checks out a few minutes late and, after carrying items out to their car, can no longer get back inside the property.

Once the record is created, you will see a page showing the integration and a Property Mapping section. This is where you'll enter the Lock ID provided to you by eRentalLock for each of your properties.

Click the Change button on the Property Mapping and start entering your eRentalLock Lock IDs.

It is not necessary to enter a Lock ID for every property. You may have properties that do not have an eRentalLock installed - leave those blank. If blank, OwnerRez will consider that property to not have a lock and no code generation will occur for bookings at those properties.

Code Generation and the Booking Side

Now that you have lock integration configured, lets look at your bookings and the code generation side.

Open any booking at a property that has lock integration configured. Once opened, you'll see a new Door Code value showing on the booking over page.

Since you just configured the lock integration, the booking won't yet have a code generated. That's because the booking was created before lock integration was established. We do not automatically generate codes for all bookings right when lock integration is configured - that would take a long time and blanket the system with codes for bookings that may not need them. But don't worry, you can still update bookings in bulk! We'll get to that below.

For now, go ahead and click that "Generate" link next to the red "Not Set" label. The generate link will spin for a second and then a code should drop into place. That's the door code for this booking, provided by eRentalLock.

Moving forward, when new bookings are created, the Door Code will be automatically generated. You don't have to click the generate link unless you want to get a new code. If the booking moves properties or changes dates, a new code will be automatically generated for those situations as well. If a code fails to generate, you'll get an email from our system so that you know.

Showing/Sending Codes To Guests

The last part of this is sending the door code to the guest. After all, what good is a door code if the guest doesn't see it?

We've created a new field code called {BDOORCODE} that will insert the booking's door code into emails.

Then, create an email template that includes the {BDOORCODE} field code and send it to guest using a trigger.

We've created a sample email template that in our email template library that you can copy. It's the Pre-arrival door lock code email template. If you use that one, the guest will get an email that looks something like this:

Batch Update Codes on Multiple Bookings

Now back to your current bookings! We don't expect you to click through all your current bookings and generate a code for each one manually. We've created a special page that lets you batch update bookings.

Head back to the Door Locks integration page you set up (under Settings). At the top you'll see a Batch Update button. Click that and you'll see a screen where you can find multiple bookings and generate codes for all of them at once.

Read the options, select the bookings you want to update and press the button!

Voila! Your hundreds (thousands?) of future bookings now have a door code! You should only need to use this Batch Update screen one time when setting up your lock integration or if you changed door locks and your Lock ID (from eRentalLock) changes.